Oak River Company | Product Shoot & Giveaway


When Mitzi contacted me to do a lifestyle product shoot for her company, Oak River, I thought it was just any ordinary product shoot. After discussing details further and checking out her website , I was in tears! This is more than just a company that sells leather handbags and goods, they are a ministry. Its so amazing to see Gods thumbprint on every little detail ! I could go on all day about how amazing this girl and her ministry is! She truly shows such an ultimate example of what stepping out in Faith looks like! I have felt so honored to get to know her and learn all about Oak River. I have loved it so much, that I want to share some of my favorite photos from our product shoot, as well as host a little giveaway! These handbags and clutches, you guys, are amazing!!! They not only manufacture handbags, but clutches, wallets, accessories and even t-shirts! And it gets better- they have raised money for playgrounds all the way from Africa to local charities here in middle GA.  And the story behind it is even more amazing <3 The link for the giveaway details is at the bottom of my blog along with a little special discount code for my readers, but before you scroll to the link, I would love for you to stay a while and read all about the amazing journey she has been on over the last few years! Here are a little words from the sweet lady behind it all:

"I'm just a small-town girl from Duck Hill, Mississippi that resides in Kathleen, Ga. I have always enjoyed being creative and working with my hands, but my real passion is people and culture and community. I am a business major, and I am gifted in the area of design, I was working as an interior designer from 2007-present. My husband has been in manufacturing and operations his entire career (23 years) he was working as a consultant for a friend's leather company in 2011 in León Mexico and he asked meif I wanted to design a line and develop a brand for myself, this was on a Wednesday, by Friday I had 3 designs in his hands!!!  In 2016 the Lord gave us an opportunity to acquire a manufacturing facility in León Mexico and that is exactly what we did. We now have the capability to manufacture leather goods for the industry. We manufacture for other brands as well as tv celebrities, our latest project has been working with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman to design and create an exclusive leather tote for her, we also share 3 other designs with her from my personal line, Oak River.

We BELIEVE the Lord is using this journey to bring us closer together as a family and unifying our hearts with passion and a vision to bring HONOR TO HIM!  We BELIEVE that God began this work and He WILL complete it. We press on with our eyes fixed on HIM, seeking His hand in every decision We make. It has certainly been one of the HARDEST things we have every committed to. We TRUST the ONE who gave the vision and we press on with passion and desire to GIVE LOVE and Point others to who JESUS is!  THIS IS WHO WE ARE, THIS IS WHAT WE WERE MADE TO DO. We miss it BIG some days and other days We feel like We are on cloud 10, but We are learning that "We" are just willing souls in the hands of the "MASTER CREATOR" and We trust Him to write our story!

Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to read and learn all about them! Use code : 20OFF for a %20 discount code from now until March 16! Also, click below to enter this amazing giveaway that you do not want to miss! 

(A special thanks to Miss Dottie's of Kathleen for the amazing outfits)